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Jennifer Ménard-Shand

Keynote Speaker / Founder and CEO, Staff Shop

Jennifer Ménard-Shand

Keynote Speaker 

Elevating People, Business & Experiences!

As a First Nations Ojibwe and French-Canadian entrepreneur, Jennifer Ménard-Shand always dreamed of leading a purpose-driven organization. Today, she lives that dream as the founder and CEO of Staff Shop, an award-winning certified diverse staffing firm. Through sharing her inspirational entrepreneurial journey as well as insight into truth and reconciliation in the workplace, elevating Indigenous women-led businesses, supplier diversity, and the Canadian labour market, Ménard-Shand inspires leaders and their teams to reach their full potential both at home and work.

Ménard-Shand began her career in 2008 at one of Toronto’s most trusted full-service recruitment agencies, The Bagg Group. In 2013, she created Bagg @ Your Service, the organization’s first hospitality and event division, before purchasing her creation in 2018 and evolving it into Staff Shop. Today, her company services hundreds of clients across North America and deploys thousands of employees throughout Canada as a full-service staffing and consulting firm with a focus on global expansion.

Ménard-Shand’s entrepreneurial story celebrates the triumph of resiliency. She is a survivor of abuse, abandonment, domestic violence, imposter syndrome, and PTSD. She is committed to breaking the silence and putting an end to generational trauma and unhealthy cycles. There is no limit to the positive impact Staff Shop and Ménard-Shand can have on humanity. This is what drives her to do her best and inspire others to reach their full potential and leave a legacy worth following for future generations.

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